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Adaptive management of natural habitats

Description In terms of habitat creation and maintenance, there has been a decreasing trend at the global level over the last 50 years, based on the extent of suitable habitat and biodiversity intactness (IPBES,

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Rehabilitation and restoration of rivers

DESCRIPTION Rivers and their floodplains are subject to many human uses that can alter their hydrology, morphology and connectivity. Many European rivers and floodplains have been significantly modified over the past decades, for example

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Use of Adapted Crops

DESCRIPTION Agriculture in the Mediterranean and Adriatic regions is threatened by climate change, especially in relation to the increase in the occurrence of droughts and heatwaves. Destructive rains, violent hailstorms and devastating winds are

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Water uses to cope with heat waves in cities

Description The number of extreme heat events has substantially increased across Europe in recent decades, and the length, frequency and intensity of heat waves is projected to increase in the future. They are associated