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Protection, restoration and management of coastal wetlands

Description Coastal wetlands provide a natural defence against coastal flooding and storm surges primarily by dissipating wave energy. Salt marshes (i.e. coastal wetlands flooded and drained by tides) are the most effective natural coastal


Raising and extending coastal land

Description For centuries, coastal communities have used rocks and soil to extend and raise coastal land to gain additional space for living, but also as defence against sea storms and flooding. In more recent


Climate literacy for all

Description Climate change is approaching the point of no return and is thus the greatest challenge currently facing humanity. This is the message sent by institutions such as the UN and the World Meteorological


Dune construction and strengthening

Description Dune erosion results from wind and wave action. It is a natural phenomenon that can be worsened by human activities such as dune levelling to build urban settlements, parking-lots, promenades, etc. This contributes


Strengthening governance for climate action

Description Governance is made of relations among institutions, processes and customs which define how the power is implemented, ways of taking decisions on subjects of public as well as private interest, and the ways


Adaptation through integrated land-use planning

Description Integrated land-use planning involves the allocation of land for different uses balancing economic, social and environmental values at national or sub-national levels. It is the process of supporting decision makers and land users